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An Exciting new Chapter

Creating an opportunity for Sai kids children to realise their potential , a new Head, a new vision and a new start. Sai kids is built upon a strong foundation and provides a value based curriculum inspiring children, parents, staff and governors to learn and grow together.

Building on Part Strength

We are able to create dynamic and inspirational centre of excellence using philosophies and best practice for our school.

• A welcoming Et caring ethos.
• Dedicated and hard working staff.
• Excellence in Early years provision.
• Out door and Indoor activities to foster Gross motor Et Fine motor skills.
• Social skill development.
• Optimum Student Teacher Ratio 1:25 in both Pre Primary Et Primary Classes.
• Play way Montessori technique with a blend of IB methodology.
• Well planned curriculum for over all development (Social Intellectual, Emotional Et Physical)
Perceptual Development. Airy Classrooms. Hygienic and clean environment Field trips for real life experiences.
• Regular parent Teacher Meetings.
• Emphasies on spoken English.
• Personality development.
• Spacious play area.
• Emphasis on creative activities, art, music, dance, pottery etc.
• Library and computer Lab.

Our School Our School
Our School

Raising Standards of Excellence

Expectation are set high for our school. We aim for all children to be inspired Et motivated to achieve their total potential to become life long learners.

Investing in our future

We believe that Sai Kids Children are capable to making their lives extra ordinary. We set aspirational targets for improvement that will help our children to choose their path in life, equip them with the skills and understanding to be effective human beings (citizens) now and in future a develop in them a sense of global awareness. Together, we can make a difference.

Our School